On sight surface made of PVC acrylic films with the exclusive and patented system of UV ray reflections up to 80%. Hornscuch Cool Color and Renolit & Cova covering a total of over 100 colors available in our warehouse.

The panel core is made of average density wood fiber for wet environments (WJ Exterior) with the sole use of conifer lumber.

Corafoam plates, rigid expanded polyurethane used for thermal isolation; said foam has become a synonym of energy saving and thermal isolation.

PERHAPS NOT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT polyurethanes are so flexible and highly isolating that they are an excellent solution to the challenges set by the demands of sustainable production.

The adhesives are the best possible solution for the ennobling of panels shaped with decorative thermoplastic material by means of membrane presses.

Polyurethanic dispersions with the use of suitable crosslinks produce a glue film characterized by very high adherence and excellent quality of resistance to heat (> 120°) and water.