The Zero5 panels have on sight surface made of PVC acrylic films with the exclusive and patented system of UV ray reflections up to 80%. Hornscuch Cool Color and Renolit & Cova covering over than 100 colors available in our warehouse.

MDF Hydro Exterior

This kind of panels contains medium density particularly refined wood fibres and, with the addition of special resins mixed with glue, they become waterproof in full compliance with the European legislation. Moreover, this panel is a good thermal and acoustic insulator. Being waterproof, it can be easily used even in any type of external environment and in places with a very humid climate. MDF Hydro Exterior panels consist of virgin wood composed of fibres or wood bands and of the remains coming from woodlands cleaning up, obtained through high temperature thermo-mechanical defibration, as guarantee of our total involvement in the care of the environment. Our wood only comes from PEFC and FSC certified forests, since we are strong supporters of the sustainable forest management. The MDF Hydro Exterior is recyclable, so that when no longer useful, it can be delivered in the recycling stations provided for this purpose to be recovered.


STONEPANEL®: New support in Stonepanel®. As an alternative to MDF Hydro Exterior support, we can use the support in Stonepanel®, produced with an innovative and eco-friendly material.

Stonepanel® panels are mineral wool prefabricated panels with an intermediate organic thermosetting layer. Stonepanel® panels consist of basalt, a rock with an almost unlimited availability. All Stonepanel products originate from this effusive rock of volcanic origin and they owe their unique characteristics to it. The Stonepanel® support slab also works when subjected to fluctuation in temperature and to different humidity ranges, so it is not affected by any enlargement or contraction, keeping its dimensional characteristics (width, height and volume) unchanged over time. This material provides an excellent strong support, stable and workable, able to support and satisfy the latest architectural demands. Zero5 Stonepanel® entrance door panels and accessories put together the advantages of rock to the ones of wood and allow the creation of a modern and innovative architecture in almost all the forms that users desire, without ignoring time and installation costs control. Stonepanel® e trance door panels and sheets have been used for a long time in different countries for the production of entrance door panels and for the closing of verandas and winter gardens; our panels perfectly fit into any kind of architecture, efficiently in economic terms, whether in the case of redevelopment or new construction of buildings.

Stonepanel® material, choosen by Zero5 as an available alternative to the classical MDF Hydro Exterior as support, can be used and attached on all our current production of panels and accessories for Zero5 entrance door.


XPS extruded slabs: expanded extruded polystyrene means that its closed-cell structure is homogeneous and stable, something that makes it waterproof and highly resistant to compression.

PERHAPS NOT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT polystyrene is so flexible and highly insulating, that it is an excellent solution to the challenges set by the demands of sustainable production.

Extruded expanded polystyrene means that its closed-cell structure is homogeneous and stable, something that makes it totally waterproof and highly resistant to compression.

At this point the XPS is used in an extremely heterogeneous way in the construction industry, in order to insulate buildings thanks to its lightness and ease of processing. It is used in wet environments or in contact with the soil, in situations of compression strong stress, in the production of insulating sandwich panels (the so-called exterior insulation system). In addition it can be used alone or together with plasterboard, wood panels or plastic and metal laminates to insulate floors, walls and ceilings.

Exterior Film

Our films for outdoor use stand out for their appearance, characteristics and use, mixing together innovative design and the superior properties of materials. Our products guarantee maximum safety and quality, from entrance door panels to lower door panels, from inside shutters to safety door panels, from frames to windowsills; they are the reference point in the market also with regards to resistance to weather conditions, easy maintenance and cleaning. The visible surface is made by using PVC-Acrylic films with exclusive and patented UV radiation reflection system up to 80% Hornschuch Cool Color or with Renolit Solar-Shield technology. High performance films for outdoor applications have an exceptional reputation: their multilayer structure protect plastic and metal construction elements. This protects the support from excessive heat.

The basic layer can be solid color or printed, the upper transparent PMMA layer protect colors and drawings against fading caused by UV radiation or other atmospheric agents. For decades, PVC decorative films give windows, doors and other outdoor surfaces beautiful colors, wood touch drawings and sophisticated surface structures. Provided in a wide range of plain colors and wood touches, our products are available in order to satisfy all kind of building styles in more than 120 colors available in our warehouse.

Something completely new: the Hornschuch new films line called Woodec®. Inspired by nature, Woodec® Collection is the new line that Zero5 uses to make panels and complements for PVC windows and panels for safety doors incredibly wood-look to the eye and to the touch. The deep embossing combines the wood natural aspect with easy maintenance and cleaning, typical characteristics of PVC. Woodec® Collection is available in 3 elegant finishes: Honey, Sand, Slate.


The use of polyurethane adhesives represent the top-line solution to ennoble profiled panels with decorative sheets in thermoplastic material through membrane press machines. These are polyurethane water-based dispersions which, by using appropriate crosslinker, produce a glue film characterized by high adhesion and excellent performances of heat and water resistance. Our adhesive is one-component suitable for high strength gluing heat-resistant and hydrolysis-resistant.

Heat-resistant ≥ 120°. High quality vinyl adhesive, D4 class, water resistant, is used to produce panels and it is used in all our production.