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ecological economic performance

Ekogreen® ecological, economic and performance panel.

Ekogreen®: Panel realized with ecological and recyclable material, the only system in the world that combines thermal comfort, energy saving and cutting-edge design, a single solution to save energy and improve the quality of any environment, 360-degree planning to provide solutions more and more complete and high level of creative freedom.

Ekogreen® can be used to realize entrance door panels and for all the buffering solutions where it is necessary a 30% reduction of weight; moreover, it allows a 40% increase in terms of thermal insulation with the same thickness, and it has a great constituent flexibility, something that enables it to be used equally as a separating element, furniture item or technical element for thermal insulation treatment inside the space in which is included. Ekogreen® guarantees the best comfort conditions: whether in 24-28mm versions or in 36-44 versions, these panels can be integrated in all PVC profiles series now available on the market, supporting spaces characterized by a thermal insulation synthesis, energy and maintenance reduction, with a pleasantly basic design. Ekogreen® guarantees high thermal insulation values; in the total thickness 24 mm version, it reaches a thermal transmittance value equal to: Up= 1.40 W/m²K; in the 28 mm version this value is equal to: Up=1.20 W/m²K; in the 36 mm version this value is equal to: Up= 0.84 W/m²K and finally in the 44 mm version this value is equal tu: Up= 0.66 W/m²K.